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NewCastle College offering a range of diplomas and programs in Diploma of Business Management, Post Graduate Diploma In Project Management and Hospitality Operations Management.

We aim to make every moment memorable and full of learning new things in the food industry with real-time training by the experts. We know that cooking and serving great food isn’t just possible with theoretical education, so we bring to you a perfect blend of theoretical and experiential education so you gain skills and knowledge to achieve a successful career in the food industry.

Our programs are customized in consultation with industry experts to ensure you grab the best, most sought-after knowledge that meets the international standards. When you graduate from NewCastle, you can be confident that you are equipped with the skills and training you need to succeed in today’s competitive world. While you’re here at NewCastle College in Ontario, you get hands-on experience in the kitchen with our experts who be your guide to learn new things!

NewCastle College

Business Management

Designed by the Administration experts from the Canadian local Industry, the program offers training in a variety of subjects to provide the most up to date...

Hospitality Administration

As a student, you will learn the concepts and techniques related to hotel and restaurant operations, international marketing, food preparation and service...

Project Management

This program will prepare the students to manage complex projects. Students will learn the skills needed to move a project through conceptualization, initiation...

NewCastle College


Our mission is to provide our students with the best learning experience using the most advanced and latest education, tools, teaching methods, and information to develop sustainable skills and attitudes that are necessary to gain greater access in the industry. And we continuously upgrade our teaching techniques and methodologies to evolve and update our educational best practices.


To maintain the top position in the Business Management and Hospitality Management education world. Because it is quite tough to be on the top and maintain the position, we are always working towards revolutionizing technical career education by changing how education and work intersect.

NewCastle College
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