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Business Management

Designed by the Administration experts from the Canadian local Industry, the program offers training in a variety of subjects to provide the most up to date and advanced skills and knowledge of the Business Admin field.
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT prepares students for positions within the fields of accounting, marketing, business, human resources, project management, and office administration. Training is extensive and broad to prepare students for all business management opportunities in a wide range of industries and organizations.
Upon graduation, students also receive current job search information and assistance in finding fulfilling employment through NewCastle College’s exclusive Career Action Plan Services (CAPS).
2 Year Program [90 Weeks]
Credential: Diploma


  1. Intensive 800 hours education program
  2. Total duration – 52 weeks
  3. Frequent Monthly start dates
  4. Accepting Canadian and International students
  5. Some of our campuses offer evening and weekend classes
  6. Career Pathway – Administrative Officer


  1. Introduction to Office Environment
  2. Office Technology
  3. Administrative Procedures
  4. Information Management
  5. Meetings and Conferences
  6. Business Communication
  7. Business Concepts
  8. Introduction to Human Resources
  9. Human Relations
  10. Project Management
  11. Business Finance
  12. Principles of Marketing
  13. Computer Applications for Business
  14. Accounting Fundamentals
  15. Computerized Accounting
  16. Employment Strategies


Business Managers perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Analyze and provide advice on the managerial methods and organization of a public or private sector establishment.
  • Conduct research to determine efficiency and effectiveness of managerial policies and programs.
  • Mentoring
  • Conduct assessments and propose improvements to methods, systems and procedures in areas such as operations, human resources, records management and communications.
  • Plan the reorganization of the operations of an establishment.
  • Supervise employees and administrative staff.
  • Evaluate financial risk, prepare financial forecasts, financing scenarios and other documents concerning capital management, and write reports and recommendations.
  • Plan short- and long-term cash flows and assess financial performance.
  • Analyze and manage projects

Tuition Fees

CAD $18,000

Study Materials

CAD $1,000

Administration Fees

CAD $500

Total Program Fees

CAD $19,500